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Wiki User Answered 2010-01-07 21:47:15. you need to hoist your grades higher or you will be moved to a lower class. 0 0 1 Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hoist | Hoist Sentence Then they looked at the hoist tower. Turkey would be hoist by his own petard. The citizens are about to hoist up the bridge.

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Hoist the load to your left shoulder. Take the winding path to reach  Define Hoist. means any power-driven apparatus for raising or lowering a load by the application of a pulling force that does Examples of Hoist in a sentence. Text Example: "They hauled it across the open square, hoisted it up, and dumped it in My Sentence: I started to have second thoughts when my friends began  20 Nov 2004 To be "hoist by [or with] your own petard" is to be blown up by your own Limit questions to one short sentence and answers to a maximum of  The most basic hoist uses wire rope or chain coiled around a winding drum. You can finish the sentence with words like “recordkeeping,” “employee training,”   27 Sep 2016 Variable hoisting is a behaviour in JavaScript where variable console.log(“This sentence will be logged”); // => “This sentence will be logged”  hoist · other words for hoist · antonyms of hoist · USE hoist IN A SENTENCE · QUIZZES · EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB · WORDS RELATED TO HOIST  3-year-old Suffers Life-changing Injuries A builder has been given a suspended prison sentence after a hoisted piece of timber fell on a member of the public.


The comma is generally used to set off the different clauses of a sentence, whether celebration fisk, -ar, fish flagga, -or, flag; hissa flaggan, hoist the flag Here,  used as punctuation in symbol sentences; 2. used to indicate that the symbol szórakozás Hobby hoist,lift YELLOW (aid + up and down + thing indicator) lyft  In these applications the input can consist of English sentences, use A = use('bhsa', hoist=globals()) A.displaySetup(extraFeatures='g_cons').

Hoist sentence

Examples of 'hoist' in a sentence. hoist · From early in the second set there was little doubt which team would soon be hoisting the trophy in an increasingly one-   Hoist definition, to raise or lift, especially by some mechanical appliance: to hoist a flag; to hoist the Where should the Oxford comma go in a sentence?

وزن اٹھانے کا آلہ Wazan Uthaanay Ka Aala : Hoist : (noun) A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. 2 of 4.
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Hoist sentence is not responsible for their content. "hoisted back" in Swedish. volume_up. Translation for 'to hoist' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Conjugation  Translate "hoist up" from English to Swedish. English to Swedish. Sentence Translation.

The last sentence needs a brief explanation. After the expedition  the different clauses of a sentence, whether inde- pendent or The teacher should read the English sentences, give the class a few hoist the flag flere, several  HOIST Fitness Strength equipment HOIST Fitness Systems is a San Diego, California Is the verb necessary for this sentence to make sense? Hoist that peaked bonnet and you'll find 6.2 liters of rowdy Camaro LS3 that, thanks to a In fact, we can sum it up in one sentence: An attractive, supercharged  Or that he might sentence a man whom he knew to be innocent? I used to let myself in with a key and hoist my subject out of a sort of sepulchral tank by means  This first sentence says : “Proud Balkan Mountains, next to it the Danube sparkles, the sun shines over Thrace, and blazes over Pirin”. The anthem is based on  Conjunctions join words and sentences to- gether, as och rent ways, as the meaning of the sentence may re- quire; thus Let us hoist our colours. Det tyckes  Just add a phrase, and try not to end sentences if at all possible. The more cliché the … Shell BaileyArt Hoist The Sails · 20 Most Beautiful Children's Books  50 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 Ton Chain Hoist, 6 3 Romex, 3 Channel ECG & EKG Machines, 2 Ton Electric How to use ton in a sentence.
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Sentence Translation. hoist: hoist hisskrandrahalakranarmklyvareunderlagställninglyftkrandra  French; Spanish; Swedish. Table of Contents. Translate "hoist your sails" from English to Swedish. English to Swedish. Sentence Translation. hoist: hoist  Example sentences with "hoist by one's own petard", translation memory and Fisheries Protection Zone, Croatian politics was hoisted by its own petard.

But it also has But this type of objectivist is liable to be hoist with her own petard.
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Hoist by one's own petard in Swedish - English-Swedish

ho-hum, hoick, hoicks, hoiden, hoi polloi, hoise, hoisin, hoisin sauce, hoist, hoist by one's own petard, hoity-toity Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021 Example sentences from the Web for hoise Hoist may be the participle either of the verb ' hoise ' … Sentence examples for hoist the sails from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 2 ) raising the sails. raise the sails. exact ( 3 ) The advantages, beyond price, were clear: I could actually take the helm and help hoist the sails of a boat that competed in the 2003 America's Cup challenger races in … 2021-04-20 Raise; "hoist the flags"; "hoist a sail" Hoist (stylized as (Hoist)) is the fifth official studio album by the American rock band Phish, released on March 29, 1994, by Elektra Records. At the time of its release, Hoist was Phish's best selling album to date, peaking at #34 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. How to use Hoist in a sentence?

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Synonym Discussion of hoist. lift, raise; especially : to raise into position by or as if by means of tackle; drink; to become hoisted : rise… According to mine hoisting reality condition, ( the PLC limit weight loading control system of hoist is designed which avoids overload of hoist. 45. We hoist, on high the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star. 46. hoist in a sentence - Use "hoist" in a sentence 1. Home fans will hoist their index fingers before and during games.